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Rawsnacks Europe
Rawsnacks Europe
“Raw Snacks’ organic snack and protein bars have no added sugar, E numbers and preservatives – That appeals to me, while you know what you eat are quality raw produce, carefully selected.”
Mathias Kristiansen
“I’m a big believer that, what I eat, is REAL food! That’s why I think Raw Snacks’ a hit! There’s no added sugars, E numbers or preservatives in their products! You will find only nature’s greatest produce! “
Tina Bianca Mosekjær Madsen, Diet- and Training Instructor
“It’s a good supplement to keep your energy level up, during exercise or just simply if you lack a little energy during the day!”
Christian Gløet, Professional Golf Player
“Not only does it taste good, but they also contain a lot of good energy for the body such as the right fatty acids and carbohydrates! In short: A perfect snack for the road or after a good workout! “
Christian Kaufmann Olsen
“How my food is produced means a great deal to me. The raw materials these bars consist of, there is nothing to point your finger at. Raw Snacks are 100% organic, and fits perfectly as a snack between my workouts. Today I worked out 3 times, and for the purpose, the protein bar was a perfect supplement.”
Kim Astrup Sørensen, Professional Badminton Player
“I care about my diet, but without being fanatical. Whether you follow a specific diet or simply just want to put your hunger to rest, Raw Snacks’ a suitable supplement that helps to keep the engine running in the best way possible – one doesn’t need to be a mechanic to know which fuel is best for your car. The same is true for what you fuel your own body. “
Mathias Lemvig Larsen

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