Healthy Snacks to Keep in Your Bag

When I first moved to Copenhagen in 2008, there weren’t a lot of options in terms of on-the-go healthy food. Food culture in Denmark is still not structured for eating while in transport; that’s not a bad thing. But it does mean that when we occasionally need a pick-me-up during the day, the choices aren’t overwhelming. For those of us with diabetes, other blood sugar issues, or who simply get a little “hangry” on occasion, it’s good to know that there’s something in at the bottom of your bag for those light-headed moments.

Keep in mind that the choices below are not meal replacements. Many of them are high in frutose, which is fruit sugar, so they’re great for a boost but not much else.

The term for food on-the-go in Danish is “mad på farten.” There isn’t really anything else to say after that, is there?

Here are some of the best snacks on the market:

Raw Snacks are Danish-produced & completely raw – they don’t even roast their nuts! Their simple, tasty like Cranberry Cashew, Goji Cacao, Blueberry Vanilla and Apricot Cinnamon are definitely enough to satisfy you between meals. They also have a range of mini-snacks that are easy to keep in your bag or jacket pocket. The main ingredient in all of the bars is dates, which are easy to digest. Dates are high in Fiber, B-vitamin potassium.

You can find Raw Snacks at any 7-11 in Denmark for 18 DKK each.

Healthy Raw Snacks

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