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All of our bars are delicious tasting and 100% organic quality. In fact, our quality requirements are so high that all our employees must be baptized in the cleanest Norwegian lakes, and have been gluten free their entire lives.

We are also both vegan and free of lactose, even though we think animals are absolutely silly. Seriously animals, if you don’t want to get eaten, don’t be that tasty!

Raw Snacks are perfect for those who, like any other functioning person, love snacks but will not settle for empty calories and artificial additives.

Should you be one of those, who are born with an unpleasant tendency to hard, physical training, we have developed a series of bars with organic rice protein. Just to get absolutely out of control about!


Finally, a healthy and nutritious Mini Snack, that stands out in the office, at the meeting, the fair, the conference, in the hotel minibar or simply as a delicious snack for your coffee at the café or at home. Our 7 grams Mini Snacks are hand made from 100% organic quality ingredients – without any preservatives, E numbers, or added sugar. Only the raw materials’ natural aromas along with a great passion for quality, is what creates our products.

Our Mini Snacks are available in 3 flavors. Blueberry Vanilla, a refreshing fruit flavor of blueberry, enhanced by the sweet vanilla. Cranberry Cashew, a combination of cashews and almonds with a great satisfaction of the cranberry sweetness. Goji Cacao, the raw cocoa comes into its own through the dates’ sweetness and completed by the goji berries’ acidity and freshness.

We never compromise when we develop our unique and pure RAW products. None of our ingredients are just filler or chosen because it is the cheaper alternative. Every ingredient has a purpose for your health and well-being.

Almond Butter








Coconut Oil



Goji Berries

Rice Protein




Raw Food is quite simply the food definition of raw and unprocessed food. This means food from the plant kingdom filled with vitality and energy. It is food, where each commodity comes to their full potential. This is food with “teeth” and food, where you do not have to count calories, but your body is filled with health and vitality. It is food, wherein the content of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and many more nutrients are optimal since they have not been decomposed by heating or other conventional preparation. It’s food directly from nature!

It is food, where the content of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are as optimal and life-giving, that the microorganisms in your body will have to run full-speed. It’s flora for the advanced.

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Raw Snacks | Benefits of Raw Foods

Enzymes are necessary for the chemical reactions in the cells of your body. They both break down and obtain your food, so they are basically essential for all life in your body. The fewer enzymes, the less life and the more “weed”. Raw Snacks’ your delicious gardener and you can look away at without any remorse (women).

When we heat food above 42 degrees C’, we destroy the enzymes in the raw materials, which is contrary to everything we are trying to achieve by eating healthy. It is a bit like drinking non-alcoholic beer (men).

There’s nothing new about eating raw, both killer-snails and zombies does it. Man did too until we discovered fire. In fact, man is the only living creature on earth that heats his food, all other life forms eat Raw – Unless you give them a lighter and opposable thumbs.

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