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“Raw Snacks’ organic snack and protein bars have no added sugar, E numbers and preservatives – That appeals to me, while you know what you eat are quality raw produce, carefully selected.”
Mathias Kristiansen
“I’m a big believer that, what I eat, is REAL food! That’s why I think Raw Snacks’ a hit! There’s no added sugars, E numbers or preservatives in their products! You will find only nature’s greatest produce! “
Tina Bianca Mosekjær Madsen, Diet- and Training Instructor
“It’s a good supplement to keep your energy level up, during exercise or just simply if you lack a little energy during the day!”
Christian Gløet, Professional Golf Player
“Not only does it taste good, but they also contain a lot of good energy for the body such as the right fatty acids and carbohydrates! In short: A perfect snack for the road or after a good workout! “
Christian Kaufmann Olsen
“How my food is produced means a great deal to me. The raw materials these bars consist of, there is nothing to point your finger at. Raw Snacks are 100% organic, and fits perfectly as a snack between my workouts. Today I worked out 3 times, and for the purpose, the protein bar was a perfect supplement.”
Kim Astrup Sørensen, Professional Badminton Player
“I care about my diet, but without being fanatical. Whether you follow a specific diet or simply just want to put your hunger to rest, Raw Snacks’ a suitable supplement that helps to keep the engine running in the best way possible – one doesn’t need to be a mechanic to know which fuel is best for your car. The same is true for what you fuel your own body. “
Mathias Lemvig Larsen


Projekt S is a self-development program for young women in the age of 10-16 years, with a focus on self-confidence, self-esteem, health and strength.

The courses are a combination of teaching, dialogues, group exercises and physical activities. On the courses, the girls are strengthened to set new limits, stand by themselves as well as to create a positive self image.

Projekt S is a tough leisure activity which, where humor is included, as among other components, to loosen up for difficult issues that can be tough to talk about, whilst providing both physical and mental well-being for the individual.

Raw Snacks’ Retailers


The following companies offer a healthy selection of our ‘Mini Raw Snacks’ to their customers and employees.
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